Does the M6 Gran Coupe...dare I say it...negate the need for the M5? If it were my money, I'd still have an M5. But on on paper, you've got a car just as fast (a little faster), arguably better looking if you're into the whole four-door coupe thing, and a little more luxurious on the inside — seems like it'd tempt a…

Went out to dinner with the family, ending up sitting across from Jim Glickenhaus for the hour out there. The Jalop in me desperately wanted to have a conversation with him about his collection and the P4/5C, but the New Yorker in me couldn't possibly go up to somebody he didn't know. New Yorker won, unfortunately.

I guess Jalopnik's had a bit of a change of heart recently...I tried to sign in at a workplace computer and I got blocked for trying to access, the "hardcore pornography" website. I knew dragoning was an issue, but sheesh guys. Gonna get me in trouble.